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Information provided in this column is provided to the Alderman's Office by the construction companies or developers of the projects.

Chicago Loop Link

July 16, 2015




The work from State Street to Holden Court is now underway. Utility work at Holden is completed, pavement removal is nearly complete, and new bus pavement construction will commence soon.

The work on the bus platforms also moves forward. Utility adjustments, reinforcing steel placement, and conduit installation continues.

Traffic signal work continues at Clark and at Dearborn.

The work between Michigan and Wabash progresses. There will be temporary overnight shifting of traffic near Wabash in the next couple of weeks during the removal of the CTA station.

There were two recent concrete pours for the bus platform between Franklin and Wacker. It is anticipated that the main platform will be poured next Tuesday.

The utility and signal work on Clinton is nearly complete. It is expected that pavement milling operations will begin next Monday night (July 20).

The work at the new Union Station Transportation Center continues with lane restrictions on Canal and Jackson, and utility work in the area.

Finally, please do not park in travel lanes, bus stops or tow zones.


CDOT's Consultant Resident Engineer (RE) for the Loop Link will contact all stakeholders along the corridor approximately one week prior to construction commencing on their respective block to provide detailed construction information and impacts.


If you require further information or have additional questions, please contact the RE for the Loop Link project:


Kevin Ahern, PE

Senior Project Manager


Mobile: 312.498.8940

Email: kahern@benesch.com


For more information on the Loop Link, click on the following links to download the official press release, project brochure and construction details.  Weekly construction updates will also be posted on the project website: www.ChicagoLoopLink.com.



Chicago Riverwalk

July 2, 2015


Access to the RIverwalk between LaSalle and Lake Street will be closed to the public. Concrete demolition work between LaSalle and Franklin began on Monday, June, 29, 2015.


Public Way Closures:

  • The west bound curb lane of Lower Wacker Drive between La Salle Street and LakeStreet will have daily temporary closures between 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM until fall 2016.
  • The west bound curb lane of Lower Wacker Drive between La Salle Street and State Street may have daily temporary closures between 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM until August 2015.
  • The west bound curb lane of Upper Wacker Drive between La Salle Street and State Street may have daily temporary closures between 9:30 AM and 3:30 PM until August 2015.

If you have any questions, please contact Dan Gross the resident engineer at (312) 929-4363.



Maggie Daley Park

Janaury 7, 2015

After months of hard work, Maggie Daley Park is finally open to the public! The Ice Ribbon was officially opened on December 13 and has been a great success so far. Along with the Ice Ribbon, the majority of the Play Garden is open for use and the park pathways and picnic areas are ready for visitors. The site can now be accessed from Upper Randolph Street, the corner of Monroe Street and Columbus Drive, as well as from Millennium Park, via the BP Bridge. Over the winter months, construction crews will continue their work throughout the site, finishing details and completing those areas not yet ready for public access. The majority of the remaining work will take place in Peanut Park throughout winter and early spring. Once the ground has thawed, the remaining trees, shrubs, and perennials will be installed throughout the park.



Navy Pier Flyover
May 25, 2016


Work continued in May with installation of railing and drainage system components on the flyover structure, and will continue throughout June. Additionally, it is anticipated that painting of the structural steel components will commence in June. Projected site work includes beginning installation of the bioswale and irrigation system near the east ramp, as well as the segmental block retaining wall in Jane Addams Park.

Please see Detours and Closures for more details. Information about the start date of the closures will be posted soon.



Newcastle Residential Tower and Loyola Quinlan School of Business

March 8, 2014




The project will be completing vertical concrete operations for the next 8 months and the tower will begin to emerge visibly. Traffic management is good. Trucks are only called on to the site as needed and there are flaggers on the street. There have been no traffic complaints. There was one noise complaint about vehicle backup alarms on front end loaders. Utility work is complete. The crew will be working Saturdays between 8:00-4:00 pm and occasional Sundays depending on productivity. The crew lost about 30 days due to harsh winter conditions. The crew has street cleaning which goes around the block daily to clean and wash all dust and debris.


School of Business:


16 E Pearson Structure is temporary office space for the project team. Sheeting will be done by late March/early April. Basement excavation starts the week of April 1. Micropiling and mini caisson work is ongoing. Department of Water Management are installing sewers along State Street, north of Chestnut and this will cause lane closures. All permitting has been received. The crew will be working Saturdays between 8:00-4:00 pm. No work on Sunday.


If you have any additional questions, please contact Summur Roberts, Director of Community Relations, at 773-508-7450 or by email at srober6@luc.edu.



Union Station Transit Center

May 6, 2015



Lane closures are expected to begin Friday, May 8, weather permitting, in the vicinity of Union Station on Jackson Boulevard and Canal Street as part of the Union Station Transit Center project. The project involves construction of a new off-street CTA bus facility just south of the train station that serves 120,000 people each day.


Starting before the morning rush on Friday, eastbound Jackson between Clinton and Canal will be temporarily reduced to two through lanes with no parking lanes. In addition, the right turn from Jackson onto southbound Canal will be permanently eliminated. A CTA bus stop on Jackson just west of Canal will be relocated across the intersection to the east side of Canal. A CTA bus stop at Canal south of Jackson will be eliminated.


Northbound traffic on Canal from Van Buren to Jackson will be temporarily reduced from three lanes to two lanes.


Union Station passengers are advised to allow extra time getting to and from the station. Access to the Union Station Parking Garage, to the south of the construction site, will continue from Canal and Clinton Streets, with access no longer available from Jackson.


The Union Station Transit Center will create a new off-street CTA bus-boarding center just south of Union Station on Jackson between Canal and Clinton. It will include sheltered staging for buses and a vertical connection, with elevator, to an existing Amtrak underground pedway, allowing commuters to access Union Station without crossing at street level. The transit center will provide key connections between other modes of transportation to the Loop Link.


To read the full release, click here.



Washington Wabash Elevated CTA Station

July 6, 2015


The Chicago Department of Transportation continues work on the new Washington-Wabash Loop Elevated Station. This 18-month project will consolidate two closely-spaced, century-old stations at Madison Street, and Randolph Street, with a new CTA station at Washington-Wabash that will be modern, fully accessible with wider platforms, and have a striking architectural design.


Construction will be three-phased, including the closure and demolition of the Madison Station, construction and opening of the new Washington facility, and the final demolition of the Randolph Station.


Completed Work:

  1. Demolition of East Platform
  2. Com Ed Relocations Complete
  3. RCN Temporary Relocations Complete: Final Cut-Overs Complete July11th

Ongoing Work:

  1. Internal Demolition and Gutting of Madison Station House.
  2. Preparation of Station West Façade Removal.
  3. Final Installation of Sidewalk Canopy Panels and Plexiglas (50% Complete)
  4. Saw Cutting and Pavement Removal for Foundation Work

Overnight work schedule for Washington/Wabash El Station
The Washington/Wabash El Station will be conducting overnight work from 10pm until 6am during the following weeks:   

Week 2 (July 13th through 17th):  

Work Activity: Remove Lower Mezzanine and Stair Towers

Noise Impacts: Torching, equipment and machinery.


Week 3 (July 20th through 24th):  

Work Activity: Remove canopy, platform and stringers.

Noise Impacts: Torching, crane noise.


The night-time work is required to allow for lane closure on Madison Street that could not be accommodated during the week days. This will also reduce the exposure time of the full street closure of Madison from Michigan to State on the weekend of July 25th.  The operations will follow the same modified procedures to minimize noise impacts.


For more information, please contact Senior Construction Manager Tom McCay at tmccay@bursmcd.com, or visit the project website: www.washingtonwabashstation.org.






Project Index (by neighborhood)



River North




Fulton River District / Near West Loop

New Eastside




Gold Coast / Near North





108 N. Jefferson


23-story Hilton branded hotel. More information coming soon.



1100 N. State
January 26, 2015 


Subcontractors will be on-site and will be starting the exterior face brick and installing the storefront.  Subcontractors will also be working on interior plumbing, electric, HVAC and fire protection.  There will be trucks entering and exiting the site for delivery of brick, mortar and scaffolding.  There will be a lift on-site during the installation of the storefront and brick work.  There will be a flagger on-site to assist with car and pedestrian traffic to help ensure there is little to no interruptions.


If you have any questions contact mnadr@centaurco.com.



150 N. Riverside -- 53 story Office Tower with Public Park

April 20, 2015


During the week of April 20, 2015: The following activities will take place on site for the next two weeks – site excavation and removal, electrical work, concrete core work and Center concrete Crash Walk, including storm structure work, Center and West excavation of crash walls night work between the hours of 8 p.m.- 6 a.m., including Saturdays. Center concrete crash wall work and West concrete crash wall work on Amtrak Railroad Tracks and Alley between the hours of 8 p.m.-6 a.m. including Saturdays. Precast Bulb Tee work over the Amtrak Railroad Tracks from the Alley and site, between the hours of 10 p.m. - 6 a.m., including Saturdays. Delivery and pumping of concrete at the Core and Center and West Crash Walls on the Amtrak Tracks from Lake Street, Alley and Randolph Street.


There will be off load material on Randolph Street bridge daily, the north lane will have a soft closure, which includes a sidewalk closure at Wacker and Canal on the north side, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. – 5 a.m.


There will be a partial alley closure on south Randolph Street up to the 165 North Canal Dock, as the work proceeds the closures in the alley will change and notice will be given of those location changes. The duration of this work will be approximately 2 months.


For more information contact chris.phares@clarkchicago.com.



200 N. Michigan -- 41 story commercial building

May 13, 2016


The building has received Partial Occupancy. Sidewalk planter construction on Michigan Avenue sidewalk to begin late May. Interior build out of upper tower floors, amenity spaces are in progress. Material deliveries will taken from Lower Level Michigan Ave.


Street restoration has been approved by CDOT and will begin late May.



220 W. Illinois -- 25 story apartment building

December 11, 2014


This week, signage will be installed on the exterior of the building. Cleaning of the window wall will be taking place as well.


For more information e-mail paul.economos@lendlease.com.



220 E. Illinois --Optima Hotel and commercial building

December 5, 2014


In connection with its project generally at 214-236 E. Illinois Street/ 215-237 E. Grand Avenue, in the next week, Optima will be building scaffolding over the existing ramp along Grand Avenue leading to the Whole Foods grocery store.


Should you have any questions, please contact Matt Cison of Optima at:   cisonm@optimaweb.com



25 W. Randolph -- Block 37 Residential Tower

November 14, 2014


Construction is proceeding as scheduled, Structural Steel trusses on the fifth floor have been placed, thus allowing for Randolph street to be reopened to 3 lanes of traffic. The Tower crane is up and operational and the material/ personal hoist will be placed next week. Rebar and form work are being placed on the fifth floor.


For additional information please contact cmattozzi@goco.com



28 N. Franklin -- Hyatt

November 14, 2014


There will be no changes to 28 N. Franklin logistics for the rest of the year.  Building is enclosed, canopies stay up as is, outside skip hoist to remain until late January, and no changes to the current traffic or pedestrian routes.  


For more information please contact Curtis.Brown@lendlease.com.



326 N. Orleans -- Wolf Point

December 5, 2014


Concrete work for the tower is ongoing.  One new floor continues to be poured every 3-4 days.  Level 10 was poured on 12/2/14.  Level 11 will be poured tomorrow 12/5/14. Peoples Gas work in Kinzie Street has been completed.     


For more information e-mail David.Moore@hines.com



355 E. Erie -- Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC)

January 29, 2015


Construction continues on RIC’s new Research Hospital, located at 355 East Erie Street. The concrete core has been completed to level 28, steel is being erected on level 27, concrete deck pours are ongoing through level 19, and exterior windows are being completed up to level 10. Over the next month, we will continue steel erection, concrete deck pours and window installation. In addition, interior build outs will begin on levels 10 and 11.  


Questions related to the project may be directed to Melissa Hoffmann at 312-238 7522 or mhoffmann@ric.org.



360 N. Michigan -- Hotel Conversion


More information coming soon.




444 W. Lake -- River Point

December 15, 2014


Concrete and Form Work – Rebar and concrete deliveries will require moderate truck traffic all week, which will operate under CDOT rules and regulations. Work may occur on Saturday December 13th. The curb lane along the east side of Canal Street will continue to be utilized to facilitate this work.  Steel Erection – Work to erect the steel will begin on Monday, requiring crane operation and moderate truck traffic for steel deliveries.  


For more information e-mail laura.hines@hines.com



455 N. Park -- Loews Hotel

October 23, 2014


They will be resurfacing portions of Upper and Lower Water, Illinois and New street on November 3, 4 and possibly the 5th. There will be safety measures in place and flag men/women present to direct traffic. Should weather become an issue, this may slip.  Interior work continues on the entire project. Site work and landscaping should be wrapping up in the next two weeks. The hotel and residential tower are both scheduled for a March 2015 opening.


For more information contact rgrueb@tjbc.com.



545 N. McClurg

December 11, 2014


December 13, 2014: Site Fencing and barricades are installed. Pedestrian and vehicle traffic has been adjusted to allow for construction activities. Some sidewalks have been closed and pedestrian canopies have been placed when possible.  On site, caisson work is nearing completion and excavation continues.  Artificial lighting may be used during construction hours as the sun sets earlier in the evening. Street sweepers are working to maintain street cleanliness during excavation activities. Additional truck traffic will be present over the next two weeks as the project tower crane is erected. 


For more information contact: mnygren@goco.com



601 W. Jackson

February 19, 2015


Leasing Office has opened to the public.  (4) Model units are available to tour by visiting the leasing office.  Interior buildout is progressing throughout the building. Some exterior work will continue around the perimeter (weather permitting). 


The sidewalk and parking lane along the West side of Jefferson between the North and South property lines and along the South side of Jackson between the East and West property lines are open.  


For more information, contact  601wjackson@gmail.com



66 E. Wacker

December 11, 2014


Exterior windows installed up through 10th floor and moving up. Exterior wall framing up to 16th floor and moving up. Interior wall framing and MEP’S rough-in work up through 4,5 and 6th floor and moving-up. CMU walls are up to 17th floor and moving up. Elevator equipment is being delivered in the next few days, work should start inside the shaft on Tuesday or Wednesday. Com Ed working in the vault doing prep work before equipment arrives on Dec. 3/14. Mock-up rooms, work continues and progressing. Framing / rebar currently for level 26th deck and scheduled to pour on Monday. 25th flr deck was poured this week. Concrete stair #2 from basement up has been poured and work will continue going up. Steel stairs #1 are installed up to 10th floor and moving up. Work in street on Lower E. South Water to begin soon for Water / Sewer, AT&T, Comcast connections to building pending OUC approval.


For more information contact johollearn@gdscompanies.com.



707 N. Wells -- 11-story apartment buidling

November 7, 2014


There will be no changes to the street and sidewalk closures. Caisson work has begun during the week. Drilling rigs and cranes will operate within the site. Trucks removing spoils from the site will enter and leave thru the Wells and LaSalle street Gates.


For more information contact cjohnson@akarapartners.com


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